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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Obviously, it is always easier to use services of professional carpet cleaners, who know how to remove any type of stains from your rugs and carpets.

But what if you are tight on budget and not quite afford having professional carpet cleaning services there are some tricks how you can accomplish this task at home.

Carpet Cleaning DIY

1. It is better not to use hard brushes for carpet cleaning. Vacuum and a broom will do  asgood of a job without harming your carpet.

2.When you clean your carpet, you should always follow direction of the carpets pile.

3. If we are talking about rugs, then you should remember to turn the rug around every once in while, so it is not damaged by the traffic.

4. You may hate snow but your carpet actually loves it. It very easy to clean your rug with a fresh clean snow from your backyard. Just put the rug on the snow, beat it little, and then put a little bit of snow on top of it and clean the snow off with a broom.

5. Before you use any chemicals on the carpet, try it somewhere where it is not noticeable. Different chemicals are intended for different fabrics and therefore some solutions may not work well you’re your carpet.

6. White carpets can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide. Use 5 grams of hydrogen peroxide for 1 L. Of water.

7. Another useful tip is to sprinkle your carpet with salt and swap it of with a broom soaked in soapy water.

Although these tips may help you save some money, a company with an experience in carpet cleaning will probably do the job a lot quicker and provide you with a peace of mind.

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